Membership Form

Membership Form

Annual Membership Fees:

  • Renewal Fee (all grades): £15
  • Recently Qualified Referees: Referees who passed the exam between 1st January and 31st December last year are 'Renewing', not applying for 'New' membership.
  • Newly Qualified EPRA Referees: Membership is complimentary with the examination fee for the remainder of the current calendar year, but we still need you to submit this form please.
  • Referees Joining the EPRA with non-EPRA Qualifications: £15

Please Pay by Bank Transfer to:

  • Name: English Pool Referees Association
  • Sort Code: 60‐05‐09
  • Account Number: 16003098
  • Reference: last name, membership number and region (e.g. Jones‐123‐R2)


  1. Annual membership renewals open on 1st November and runs from 1st January to 31st December each year.
  2. To be eligible to vote at an AGM (D ‐ S Grade), your form and payment must be received on or before 31st December of the previous year.
  3. If you are joining the EPRA for the first time after having gained a refereeing qualification from another organisation, we will be in touch soon after you submit this form to verify your certificate.
  4. If payment is required, your membership registration will not be complete until payment is received and confirmed.
  5. All referees must first have at least one 'full' year at each grade before becoming eligible for an upgrade.
IMPORTANT - As of 1st January, all memberships that have not been renewed by this form and by payment are now downgraded to 'Ex Member', so if this affects you, you will be applying for a New Membership.



















I certify that all information provided on this form is correct.

By submitting this form and paying the applicable fee, I agree to abide by the Constitution and Rules of the English Pool Referees Association.

I have been made aware of and given access to the EPRA Privacy Notice.

I understand EPRA will not share my data with any third party other than any specifically approved by me or which they have a legal obligation to, e.g. Government, Law Enforcement etc and those detailed in the privacy notice.

The association reserves the right to refuse membership.

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